Intellectual Property

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Mableson Law Group represents creative artists, entrepreneurs, techies, technology start-ups and businesses in intellectual property (IP) and corporate matters.

Copyrights & Trademarks

Our firm assists clients with copyright and trademark registration, licensing, and enforcement. We are experienced with the filing and review procedures of the United States Copyright Office and Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). We also prosecute and defend trademark and copyright infringement matters, including issues of fair use and unfair competition. In all cases, we advise as to both the protection and ownership of intellectual property and as to the risks and benefits relevant to various options to enforce ownership, from filing suit to mediation. Please refer to our pages devoted to copyrights and trademarks for more information about procuring and protecting your IP interests.


E-commerce & Internet Business

In the digital age, technology and communications play an essential role within the business world. Our firm champions the systems that use new technology to expand commercial outlets for entrepreneurs and business owners. We provide knowledgeable legal counsel regarding software and consulting contracts, convergence, technology licensing, cyberlaw issues, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).


Interactive Digital Media

Interactive digital media encompasses computer products and services that respond to the user’s actions by presenting content such as text, graphics, animation, video, and audio. Because we continually work to stay abreast of technological advancements and how they impact traditional business models, we are qualified to handle the legal issues presented by interactive digital media, including MMORPG and video gaming ownership issues, virtual world, second life, and in-world business issues, jurisdictional disputes, and conflict resolution.


Digital Assets

Our firm advises and acts on behalf of clients seeking to protect their digital assets from unscrupulous Internet users and competitors. Digital assets include:

  • Email accounts
  • Financial information and accounts
  • Online bills
  • Online businesses
  • Web pages and blogs
  • Social networking accounts
  • Registered domain names



Literary Publishing

Mableson Law Group provides legal services related to traditional book publishing and new media. We draft, review, and negotiate literary contracts, and are able to assist authors with issues created by the advent of online publishing, digital book downloads, and e-books. Because new media presents many opportunities and challenges to authors, book writers need to have someone handle the business side of writing. We help authors understand their rights and options in the digital age.


Arts & Entertainment

Being in the art, film, television, or music business requires dealing with a multitude of different people and entities, and while all parties involved in a project must work together to see its successful completion, each seeks to promote and profit from his or her own contribution. Our attorneys understand the dynamics of the arts and entertainment industry, helping artists and entrepreneurs to protect and maximize their rights and interests. Our clients include musicians and bands, record labels and music publishers, record producers, film companies, event promoters, recording studios, radio and TV personalities, comedians, film animators, managers, visual artists, and galleries.


Business Law

Our firm assists entrepreneurs with business formation, and provides consulting services with regard to organizational strategies, contractual agreements, and asset management, among other compliance-related matters. Please see our business law page for additional information regarding business formation and planning.


Seek Experienced, Dedicated Representation

For over 28 years, Mableson Law Group has devoted its practice to helping creative artists and media-based companies use effective legal strategies and new technology to protect and maximize their intellectual property assets. If you or your business needs assistance with any aspect of intellectual property or business law, please contact our office today for a consultation.

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