Arts & Entertainment

Being in the art, film, television, music business, or book business requires dealing with a multitude of different people and entities, and while all parties involved in a project must work together to see its successful completion, each seeks to promote and profit from his or her own contribution. We understand the dynamics of the arts and entertainment industry, helping artists and entrepreneurs to protect and maximize their rights and interests. Our clients include musicians and bands, record labels and music publishers, record producers, film companies, event promoters, recording studios, radio and TV personalities, comedians, film animators, managers, book authors & publishers, literary agents, visual artists, and galleries. Ms. Mableson teaches Entertainment Business Contracts at the Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law at Arizona State University.

We routinely handle transactions and contracts in the following industries:

Comprehensive Negotiation and Drafting

Contracts are our stock in trade. As an exceptional drafter, negotiator, and dealmaker, firm principal Connie J. Mableson takes pride in helping her clients enter into beneficial, risk adverse agreements. We are qualified to handle even the most complex transactions, always working to close deals as swiftly as possible, while protecting and advancing our clients’ interests. A few of the matters we work on for our clients include:


  • Recording Agreement
  • 360 Agreements
  • Music Publishing Agreement
  • Manager Agreement
  • Agent Agreement
  • Co-Publishing Agreement
  • Songwriter’s Agreement
  • Collaboration Agreement
  • BMI & ASCAP Agreements
  • Studio Agreements
  • Studio Spec Agreements
  • Copyright Performer Releases
  • Loan Out Agreement
  • Sampling License
  • Music Video Agreements
  • Music Industry Agreements
  • Tour Agreements

Film & Television

  • Literary Option Agreements
  • Actor Agreements
  • Director Agreements
  • Producer agreements
  • Financing Arrangements
  • Writer Agreement
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Crew Deal Memo
  • Location Release
  • Music Synchronization Agreement
  • Composer’s Agreement
  • Life Story Rights Agreement
  • TV Syndication Agreement
  • TV Program License Agreement
  • Selling and securing story and publicity rights
  • Distribution agreements
  • Literary Property Option agreements
  • Rights clearance and acquisition

Book Publishing – See our pages devoted to Literary & Publishing.

  • Book Publishing Agreement
  • Contract with Book Distributor
  • Author Publisher Agreement
  • Author Collaboration Agreement
  • Ghost Writer Agreement
  • Interview Releases
  • Permissions and Clearances
  • Electronic Publishing
  • eBooks
  • Audio Book Rights
  • Content Licenses
  • Author Self-Publishing

Rights of Publicity

  • Publicity and celebrity rights protection
  • Publicity and celebrity rights licensing

Art Law

  • Artists-Dealer transactions
  • Moral rights of artists
  • Merchandising Visual Art

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